Microsoft Delays Game Room Release "Until Further Notice"

By Brian Leahy, Apr 28, 2010 3:30pm PDT The third pack of games for Microsoft's classic arcade emulation service, Game Room, has been delayed "until further notice" according to a Twitter update (via Kotaku) by Microsoft Europe Xbox Live editor Daniel Maher. It was scheduled to be released today.

Kotaku confirmed with Microsoft's Larry Hryb that the delay affects other regions including the United States, promising "additional Game Room titles as soon as possible!"

Game Room launched on March 24th with thirty games, but no games have been added since the launch. New releases were delayed until today at which point Microsoft promised weekly releases. Hopefully, new games will begin flowing soon.

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  • This thing was ill conceived. This "delay" is damage control. They are trying to figure out what went wrong. Its simple really, old games like these should be free, the "GameRoom" itself, the concept is sound enough however. It's the beginning of Micro$oft's answer to PSN's HOME. Given enough time and resources it can bloom into something, or someplace for your Avatar's to dwell and call a home, instead of just standing around doing nothing on your dashboard.
    But be serious, some of these so-called games don't even register as games any longer by any stretch of the imagination. So they should be free, to all Xbox users. Charge for the prime stuff, Mr. Do, Q-Bert, Space Harrier.
    Maybe give you an opportunity to import what ever you have already bought into the GM, this idea needs a LOT of work. So before they fall on their faces they pulled the plug (temporarily) to re-think this garbage.