Dead to Rights 'GAC Pack' DLC Detailed, Dated

As Dead to Rights: Retribution heads out to retailers this week, publisher Namco Bandai has announced that the first premium-priced add-on for Volatile's action game.

Due in European "PAL Territories" on May 26 and then North America come June 1, the downloadable "GAC Pack" brings two new modes to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game in exchange for 400 Microsoft Points / $5. In addition, the pack includes the "Jack Pack" and "Shadow Pack" content previously only offered to those that pre-ordered. nope

For more on the new modes and the content itself, let's turn things over to Namco:

The "GAC Pack" will include two new completely different modes of gameplay as well as exciting bonus options to enrich the player's experience with the core retail game. "Assault on the 87th Precinct" is a new mission that reveals a flip side to the story, allowing players to experience the action from the GAC (Grant City Anti-Crime) enemy's side of the battle. Players step into the boots of the GAC Sniper, Brawler and Tank characters as they converge upon the GCPD (Grant City Police Department) stronghold under orders to contain all police officers so they can secure a tactical advantage. In "Riot Control Mode," Jack and Shadow fend off increasingly difficult waves of GAC forces to earn points and achievements based on speed and style, with high score bragging rights on international leaderboards. In addition, the previously exclusive "Jack Pack" and "Shadow Pack" are also included in the "GAC Pack" allowing players to access armor for Jack, stealth camouflage for Shadow, an "action mode" with explosive rounds gunplay, and a "noir mode" with a black, white and red graphic filter.