Halo: Reach Trailers Provide Beta Primer

By Chris Faylor, Apr 27, 2010 9:15am PDT With the launch of the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta less than a week out--Halo 3: ODST owners get access on May 3--developer Bungie and publisher Microsoft have started doing out trailers to prepare gamers for the new maps, modes and such:

Below, you'll find close to seven minutes of footage from an "Invasion" match:

Exclusive to the Xbox 360, the final version of Halo: Reach is due at retailers this fall.

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  • It is the weirdest attitude when people lock themselves into a particular platform and then bad mouth the other platforms as somehow inferior to their particular choice, and also bad mouth games they haven't even played yet. Halo was a really enjoyable game, so was reading the novels which really expanded on the whole Halo universe. Halo Reach looks to be an excellent addition to the whole set and given the engine was completely rebuilt looks to be an evolution for gaming. This type of development spins off to the pc gaming world where processing does indeed evolve quickly, with consoles the developers have to stay at a particular step in processing and consequently the writing becomes tighter, with less bloatware. I'm writing this on a system I built using an i7 920, ASUS motherboard overclocked etc etc blah blah blah, big woop. PC games are great, XBox games are fun, PS3 games are fun Wii ....etc etc, bottom line, the more choices gamers have the more it drives down cost. Always keep an open mind. Finally, of course PCs have better graphics, it's a straight example of constantly evolving technologies, the Xbox uses ATI developed Xenos which of course has been superceded since it is four year old technology, the PS3 uses Nvidia developed RSX, again, superceded. Just show them Eve online