Alpha Protocol Trailers Highlight 'Dialogue Stance System,' Questionable Allies

Alpha Protocol developer Obsidian Entertainment has rolled out a trio of new trailers for the espionage RPG, focusing on the 'Diaglogue Stance System' as well as two more of the contacts players will use the DSS to interact with, Mina Tang and Conrad Marburg.

The DSS offers players a variety of approaches to any conversation, ranging from sweet-talking and professionalism to plain ole violence as they try to get what they need.

Alpha Protocol arrives for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on May 28.

BOOM video 4843

In the case of Ms. Tang here, she might need little persuasion to assist Agent Thorton at first but you never know when it might prove helpful to smash a bottle in her face.

BOOM video 4850

Violence might seem like the best approach for the black ops veteran Conrad Marburg but who knows what a little politeness and professionalism might net Thorton?