Ubisoft Delays R.U.S.E. Based on Beta Feedback

By Brian Leahy, Apr 23, 2010 11:40am PDT In a post on Facebook (via Kotaku), Ubisoft reveals that it has delayed its real-time strategy game R.U.S.E. until September "following the massive feedback we got from the community during the Public Beta."

The extra time will allow Ubisoft to "implement many of your suggestions and improve the multiplayer experience while polishing the overall game." This list of changes includes:

  • The multiplayer menus and filters
  • The unit selection
  • The order assignment
  • The unit behavior and pathfinding
  • The strategic AI behaviour
  • The anti-lag policy and kick system
  • and the game balance of course

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  • God you guys complain way to much, also this game is awesome. It has so much potenial to be even greater and alot of the things you guys have talked about like. The guy who said it was boring and the AI never attacked you obviously never even played it because it always attacks. Even on the easiest diffculty and if you don't like it buy some other game in the future. Because I am gonna get it it's new and inventive gameplay is something that has never been done. Also really Pokemon how old are you first of all and you are really comparing that to a WW2 game? You made yourself look an idiot with a comment like that. One more thing it does have a fire ground option with your units I have played it enough to know.

  • first off this game surprised me its actually was a pretty fun idea. way to many issues, if u ubisofts drm is bundle with this game i will not buy it. the games main issues were people would leave left and right in a mp match and the game would hang on the opening cinimatic on every mp match if someone was touching their keyboard. i just can't imagine this game being polished enuf by september sorry. they should re do the beta again and get more feed back seriously instead of rushing it cause if it comes out with tons of issues all this will be wasted and nobody will want to play it. lol ubisoft delays i love that false headline

  • I just don't like when games get credited with publishers

    RUSE is An EUGEN SYSTEMS game , NOT an Ubisoft game , Ubisoft just said it got delayed , Eugen systems delayed it , it's an independed developer in Paris. France.

    Eugen systems is famous for Act of War RTS game and it's expansion.

    RUSE game is the best innovative design I ever seen , the game is great however it can be improved as we are seeing now , the developers have great potential and want to bring great quality games, and this delay is most appreciated, if you go with new design , better to polish it than release it unfinished.

    And people are stupid as always , the only AI that was in beta was "very easy", what the damn are you talking about then it was boring , i just hate ignorants who don't have idea with games , this is a true PC GAME btw, not some crappy xbox port.