Splinter Cell: Conviction Uplay Rewards Detailed in New Trailer

By Brian Leahy, Apr 21, 2010 11:20am PDT Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction uses the company's Uplay, an achievement and reward system that runs in addition to Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Games for Windows Live, or Steam.

Gamers earn points by playing Ubisoft titles on any platform, which grants access to unlocks. Points are universal, so players can redeem points gained playing Assassin's Creed II in Splinter Cell: Conviction and so on.

The rewards tucked away in Uplay for Conviction are the SCAR-H assault rifle, Infiltration Game Mode, an Xbox 360 Dashboard theme, and in-game costumes.

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  • I'm pretty sure they do this sort of thing to get ahold of your 'data' as in IP, Name, and Address from xbox live or whatever. They are all doing it these days. I already sold my soul to Ubi during the GRAW days for the 'free map' so logging into UPlay was automatic for me as I already had an account.

    The themes are useless and it sucks that you have to have an account to get the 'free stuff' that should of been in the game to begin with.

    The only way to stop this practice is to not support games that contain this sort of thing, nearly impossible these days.