Weekly Game Room Updates Kick Off April 28

BOOM widget 93023 While Microsoft's been relatively quiet on Game Room since the virtual arcade launched on PC and Xbox 360 in March, that's about to change.

Beginning next week, the online retro game marketplace will receive more titles every Wednesday, with the following due April 28:

  • Super Breakout (Atari)
  • Pitfall! (Activision)
  • Megamania (Activision)
  • Night Stalker (Mattel Electronics)
  • Rack 'Em Up (Konami)
  • Realsports Volleyball (Atari)
  • Basketball (Atari)

Each of Game Room's classic offerings can purchased for use on one platform (PC or Xbox 360) at 240 Microsoft Points / $3 or at 400 MS Points / $5 for use on both. Also available are free timed demos and single-credit play (40 MS Points / 50 cents), with players able to visit a friend's virtual arcade and play any of the games they own.