Super Street Fighter 4's Tournament Mode DLC Dated and Detailed

BOOM widget 99085With the release of Super Street Fighter 4 right around the corner--the revamped fighter hits PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 27--Capcom recently showed off the Tournament Mode the game will gain through to a free download coming shortly after its release.

Planned to be available June 15, the add-on brings a fairly powerful tournament organization and operation system to the game. BOOM video 4790

Tournaments can be run as either a full-size eight-player bracket or half that with four players. An additional ninth (or fifth) player can serve as the tournament administrator hosting and certifying the matches without competing. For larger events organizers can coordinate multiple brackets to accommodate groups in increments of four.

Along with making it easy to get impromptu friendly fights setup, the new Tournament Mode should be a boon for organized online competition. To that end, Capcom has built-in the ability to award champion belts to winners of official tournaments. Like prize fighters, champions will have to defend their belt every time a title bout is called or forfeit it. And of course the current reigning champion will have the belt displayed as a badge of honor on their profile. One of the first of these is named the "sign of the warrior" but they stressed that there will be a number of belts and challenge brackets to earn them.