Morning Discussion

I saw Edward D. Wood, Jr's infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space last night in a double-bill with Tim Burton's biopic Ed Wood. It was fantastic. Say what you will about the man, he really got out there and made it all happen. You have to respect and admire that.

Over breakfast I fired up Beat Hazard, an arena shooter which generates levels based on your imported music tracks. I'm a relatively poor arena shooter player so I struggled at first but after cranking up some Audiosurf favourites and acclimatising to the dazzling shiny lights, it was really quite enjoyable. I am pleased. It could use song-specific leaderboards like Audiosurf, though, where I waged some fabulous feuds.

I also broke out Trine once again to check out the new level. I've had to start over from scratch but any excuse to play that delight again is a welcome one. Splendid.

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