Evening Reading: Why Am I Writing This?

It frustrates me to be writing the following comments because they impart more validity to such an off-base and outmoded position than anything the original actually state. In fact, were it not for the status of the author I'd chalk this up to a shameless attempt to get traffic (as would I think a number of people) and never have given it a second thought. But it's the esteemed movie critic Roger Ebert, once again vocally demonstrating his ignorance of videogames in a new piece titled ever so cleverly, Video games can never be art. (Aren't we all fortunate to have him here to make such pronouncements? Maybe he can move on to some other things humanity can never do in its culture).

As a gamer starting to get a little older I read stuff like this and think to myself, "You know, if I ever get to a point where I roll over into the generation where I can't see the modern culture of the day I hope someone either slaps me or puts me out of my misery." But rather than lament the fossilization of a once insightful critic, let me point you to Kellee Santiago's response, Right. Moving On...[My Response to Ebert] as it was her talk at TED titled "Video Games are Art - What's Next" that sparked his latest column.

Meanwhile, here's the rest of what was going on around the video game world today:

And a couple other things from around the wild world of the web (Don't worry, Brian will be back tomorrow. He's down at Blizzard playing Starcraft 2 campaign today. Feel bad for him.)
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