A2M Opens The Book of Naughty for Bear Brutality

Naughty Bear developer Artificial Mind and Movement--aka A2M--has opened up The Book of Naughty with two new trailers revealing a few of its dastardly double-crossings.

Due out in Q2 2010, the WET veterans' Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title puts players in the paws of Naughty Bear "waging psychological warfare on unsuspecting victims."

The first trailer covers entry #135 in the Book of Naughty, an electrifying little ruse and follow-through that A2M likes to call Power Outage--for obvious reasons.

BOOM video 4739

The meaning of entry #99's name--The Pick 'n' Mix--is a little less clear at first but soon makes agonising and delicious sense.

BOOM video 4749