Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 15, 2010 5:00am PDT

That's the end of Xbox Live for Microsoft's monster original console, then. Well. Kind of. Giant Bomb's Xboxalypse live streaming farewell party was still going strong at 4:17am PST when they finally turned in for the night. What a jolly prank this all is.

Here, have some Ultra Monsters art to ease that grody feeling of being deceived.

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  • Holy this totally blew my mind. You probably won't find it that interesting but it's crazy for me.

    So I went to see a movie in an independent theater yesterday. Before the movie, a trailer plays for a movie called Touching Home. And who do I see come on the big screen but two guys I worked with 6 years ago. Noah and Logan Miller, who are the writers, producers, and directors of this film. And they're acting in it.

    They were writers for a tiny video game development company I worked at for a number of years. My first "real" job. I knew that they had dreams of writing a screenplay and I believe the script they were writing for a game for the company was supposed to be both a game and a movie.

    I was curious about what happened to that original idea so I decided to look in to them a bit more, and I find out they wrote a book Either You're in Or You're in the Way. It's the story of them trying to get this new movie made. I asked my dad about it (who also worked at said company) and he said that he had bought the book and read it because he wanted to see if any of us or the company were mentioned in it. And it turns out that yes, the company was mentioned in it:

    And it's true! The company folded because it was being run by basically a bunch of scam artists. The CEO of the company was a shady-as-shit guy that could convince anyone to do anything. I shit you not, this guy could sell ice to Eskimos. I have never before or since in my life met a guy who could do what this guy did. I remember going to the house of some artist, the original artist (I believe) of "Joe Camel," where he convinced him to paint a new original picture of Joe Camel for him despite the fact that the artist was deeply ashamed of the creation and didn't like to draw him anymore. Pretty much everyone at the company has a story about how they were hoodwinked in to doing something for this guy that in the end turned out to be a terrible deal.

    When the company went bankrupt they even formed a new company and tried to "buy" all of the assets but leave all of the debt behind. Some of my coworkers (who did contract work after we were all laid off) had to sue them for unpaid wages and the judge ended up agreeing that this "new" company was shady bullshit and forced the new company to pay the agreed upon wages.

    But anyway, holy shit I guess those guys actually made it. The amazon reviews for the book are fantastic, and their movie stars Ed Harris so I guess they're doing something wrong.