Shack PSA: Batman $27 on Consoles

It may not be as enticing as the sale that saw Batman: Arkham Asylum PC temporarily marked down to just $12.50, but offering the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 editions of Batman: Arkham Asylum at $26.99 each is still a pretty good deal. nope

Released in August 2009 to rave reviews and commercial success, the comic-inspired stealth-action game currently has a sequel plus an enhanced "Game of the Year Edition" in the works, the latter adding support for 3D visuals and including 3D glasses.

The sale concludes when runs out of stock or the day ends, whatever happens first. For those unsure of which version to get, the PlayStation 3 version has some exclusive downloadable content, including the ability to play as The Joker. Thanks to Shacknews community member umcpwintermute for the heads up.