Rush'N Attack Russians Again This Fall

BOOM widget 98118After revisiting the arcade original on Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS in 2007, publisher Konami has announced that a sequel to its stealth-action side-scroller Russian Rush'N Attack is due as a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 download this fall.

Developed by freshly-formed Kuju Entertainment subsidiary Vatra Games and powered by Epic's Unreal Engine, Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot sees the Cold War conflict revived in the modern day as players are "tasked with retrieving an abandoned member of [secret CIA branch] Harvest, re-evaluating the missile threat, and sabotaging it if necessary." BOOM video 4707

The "clandestine struggle" occurring in the "shadows of the Cold War" involves missions set across three environments--"a Siberian prison complex, a bio-weapons laboratory, and a nuclear weapons base"--with players able to "choose their own gameplay style by moving through each level loud and fast or silent and deadly."