Weekend Confirmed Episode 3

By Garnett Lee, Apr 09, 2010 12:08pm PDT Honors for the first fourth chair go to Billy Berghammer as he joins Garnett, Brian, and Jeff for the third episode of Weekend Confirmed. Of course they can't resist getting into the iPad launch and its games early on in Whatcha Been Playin? but there's plenty more including BioShock 2, Chime, and a new retro spot we're either calling "Forgotten Favorites" or "Cannata-ford a New Game" (cue the Rocky and Bullwinkle show theme). Four Minute Warning also continues to evolve, in fact, it too may need a new name. Let us know what you think. And in the Front Page excitement for the new Red Dead Redemption multiplayer trailer kicks off a rollicking news segment to wrap things up.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 03 - 04/09/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin: Start: 00:00:00 End: 00:27:12

Whatcha' Been Playin Part 2: Start: 00:27:38 End: 00:55:07

Four Minute Warning: Start: 00:55:40 End: 01:26:33

Music Break featuring Negative Format: Start: 01:26:33 End: 01:27:43

The Front Page: Start: 01:27:43 End: 01:55:09

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  • With all the talk about the new Nintendo 3DS, a potential PSP2 and the Iphone/iPad/apple gamecenter.. have we forgotten Microsoft?

    When Microsoft showed off the new series7 operating system they said they would have 3 hardware iterations, so far we have seen the "iphone like" just-a-touch-screen, and the touch screen with a keyboard. But nothing has been said about the third variant.

    They have also shown how closely integrated series7 will be with Xbox live and how you will be able to start playing an xbox live game on your phone.

    So I'm guessing that the third hardware iteration will be a dedicated gaming platform, phone touchscreen and with added analog controllers and buttons.
    Probably to be released during E3, and that's why they are keeping so quiet at the moment.

    Any comments?

  • From a longtime EVE player EVE Online isn't a Space Flight Sim. It's far more akin to 4X style games (Sins of a Solar Empire, Master of Orion, etc) viewed from a more micromanaged perspective.

    I was so excited to hear Space Flight games come up only to be let down immediately as it was boiled down to "STAR WARS durrr." Does any genre needs a single franchise simply to have a pulse? Hell. No. A genre can survive quite well on a niche audience alone but that audience hasn't been served in forever. Would they require a big franchise to appeal to the masses? Possibly. The same argument can be used for fighting games though and we still see plenty of those.

    Heck, even within the gaming universe we've got IPs that would work quite well with the genre. Halo, Mass Effect, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. All of which could easily expand into space combat. Space Combat Simulation is a genre that needs to be given more attention but to see the first discussion among the press grind to a halt with "That's not Star Wars. I want Star Wars." does the discussion and genre a serious disservice.

  • The number 1 reason why MMO's on consoles is a stupid... STUPID concept.

    Social. Gaming.

    MMO's (And honestly ALL mutliplayer gaming before consoles went online) are SOCIAL games. Every person you meet is just that, a PERSON. You can talk to them. You can interact with them instantly. You can become friends, coordinate quests. TALK to each other. MMO's at their core are basically a glorified chat system with friend lists!

    And then you have consoles and I'm going to drop a very key word here;


    Console multiplayer is FACELESS. Everyone you meet is just some faceless random who you will never interact with on any meaningful level. You play CoD, you're killing randoms. Maybe with a buddy in your party you know from PC gaming or IRL. Maybe with some guy who top scored who you sent a friend request but have still never said a word to. You play SF4 you're playing against randoms. You go onto Playstation Home, you're spouting pre-generated emotes with other randoms. It's utterly identity-less and that goes against EVERYTHING that MMO's are made for and are built upon.

    Demon's Souls is basically the PEAK of what console multiplayer social interaction can do. What I'm getting at is; meeting people, doing specific in-game emotes (like pointing, clapping, bowing) to show what you're thinking/saying in the game world. DS accepts that there's no typing and no voice chat so players have to rely on the emote system and common knowledge of levels/enemies/areas to cooperatively get things done and convey communication. Yet even with that, it's faceless. When you quit, they were just randoms you'll most likely never see again.

    The worst part about console interaction is that it's SLOOOOOOW. Assuming you want to go beyond simple emotes and pre-generated lines, what do you have to do? Guide... Players met... send message... bleep bloop bleep... type message.... send message.... wait for the next person to do the same... It's TOO SLOW. So then you get into having to add features like, local voice chat, or mandatory chat-pads - I think it's too frustrating for any respectful gamer to bother with.

    If you're looking for that "massive multiplayer' style grind game where you can jump on the couch, play in some big world and feel like it's a living world with people because other randoms are also running around... I think it can be done on console - but I also think at the end of the day, not many people are going to be much out of that type of game due to the limitations of console communication.

    Perhaps they could coin a new term for massive console mutiplayer - MMCAG - Massively Multiplayer Console Action Game.