Four Maps Chosen for Halo: Reach Beta

By Brian Leahy, Apr 08, 2010 7:00pm PDT The Halo: Reach beta kicks off on May 3 for owners of the Halo 3: ODST game disc and Bungie has been rolling out new information each week. Today, IGN has the details on the four maps that will be playable in the beta along with some bits on gametypes.

The maps are Sword Base, Powerhouse, Overlook, and Boneyard.

The first two, Sword Base and Powerhouse, and maps designed for Slayer and Headhunter games. Overlook is being included to test the new "Generator Defense" gametype, while Boneyard has been built for the mysterious Invasion gametype.

IGN has a lot more on the four beta maps including how they will play across the various modes and with some of Reach's new features.

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  • I thought I would skip Reach but after reading how you can customize your character, but more importantly how Elites play very different from Spartans, I will probably get this and leave Halo 3 behind. Even as a fan of dedicated servers, Reach's matchmaking system looks pretty slick. I don't think deployables like the bubble shield are in and the SMG (which I love to use) is gone but there are some nice additions. I somewhat regret purchasing ODST but Reach appears to be the real deal. I wish they would add a UNSC vs Covenant social mode where I could elect to play as a Grunt, Hunter, UNSC Marine or ODST in addition to the standard Spartan vs Elite fare.