Hamlet Demo Offers Shakespearean Time Travel

BOOM widget 96441 A downloadable trial of Denis "mif2000" Galani's lengthily titled PC adventure "Hamlet or last game without MMORPG elements shaders and product placement" is now available from FileShack and publisher Alawar.

The 81.7MB download offers an hour of gameplay before prompting players to pay the $9.95 that's required to transform the trial into a full version of the point-and-clicker.

Though inspired by Shakespeare's classic tragedy of roughly the same name, the independently developed effort takes a few liberties. For example, players assume the role of "an explorer from the future...on an absurdist mission to save Hamlet's beloved."

In the words of Alawar Entertainment:

Each of Hamlet's 25 levels boast unique and challenging logic puzzles, colorful and eye-catching artwork, and abundant humor that puts a surreal spin on the Shakespearean source material. Drawing from traditional adventure game conventions, Hamlet is a thinking man's (and woman's) game, with each level ending in a puzzling face-off with characters from the original play-unique "boss battles" that can only be won by players who rely on their wits, not their swords.

Curious, but still not willing to take the 81.7MB plunge? This trailer should help. BOOM video 4468

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