Achievement Unlocked: Seattle Locksmith Breaks Asteroids High Score Record

After playing for fifty-eight consecutive hours on a 1979 Atari classic Asteroids arcade cabinet, Seattle locksmith John McAllister managed to achieve the highest score ever recorded for the retro rock-shooter.

Tallying an impressive 41,338,740 points during a grueling play session that ended at 10:18 PM on April 5th, Kokugamer reports that McAllister narrowly trumped previous champ Scott Safran's record of 41,336,440 points -- a record that stood for twenty-eight years.

Check out the brief video below, wherein McAllister chats about his achievement with local Seattle TV network KGW, or spend the next fifty-eight hours (give or take) trying to relive his impressive (and arguably masochistic) journey to high-score fame with this browser-based port of the space-rock-murdering simulator.

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