Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Goes on a World Tour

Konami and Kojima Productions are taking Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on a world tour, beginning in Tokyo, Japan on April 29. There are two stops in the United States: Los Angeles and New York and two stops in Europe: London and Paris.

nope In each territory, the game will be available at retail before or the day of a tour date. The Los Angeles date is two days before the start of E3 2010. As is usually the case with events like this, expect to be able to play the game and get some swag.

The dates and locations are:

  • Japanese Game Release - April 28
  • Tokyo, Japan - April 29
  • Nagoya, Japan - May 1
  • Osaka, Japan - May 2
  • Seoul, South Korea - May 6
  • Taipei, Taiwan - May 7
  • Hong Kong, China - May 9
  • American Game Release - June 8
  • New York City, USA - June 11
  • Los Angeles, USA - June 13
  • European Game Release - June 17
  • Paris, France - June 17
  • London, United Kingdom - June 18 and 19
  • Los Cabos, Mexico - July 25
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a PSP exclusive and is a major entry in the franchise, directed by creator Hideo Kojima. The game relies heavily on cooperative gameplay, as has been seen in various videos released by Konami.
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