Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PC Free Multiplayer Trial Weekend Announced

By Alice O'Connor, Apr 07, 2010 6:11am PDT Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode will be available completely free for everyone on PC to try this weekend via Steam, Valve has announced.

Valve says players looking to give Infinity Ward's monster-selling shooter a whirl can already pre-load the client directly through Steam by clicking this handy little link, though at the time of writing it seemed not to be working.

The free weekend will begin on Thursday, April 8, and presumably run through Sunday.

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  • Ive played both and both are really good games that have issues. EA servers can be just as spotty as the P2P hosting of MW2. However being able to save servers that work for you on BC2 is a huge advantage over MW2. Also hacking is a huge deterrent in MW2. I actually played a match and in the pregame lobby the majority of players were tearing a guy apart for complaining about their hack usage. So in MW2 you sometimes get matches that are 90% aimbotters or wallers. However the playstyle of MW2 to me is more addictive cause its constant action and more progressive. MW2 is more solo where BC2 a lot rides on your teams performance. Graphically BC2 is much more impressive. So bottomline:

    MW2 is a game designed for individual skill more than teamplay. If you dont mind running into hackers and playing on unsupervised servers, then this game can be fun. The pacing is fast and the action is constant.

    BC2 boasts better graphics, a tougher anti-cheat system and more of teamwork centered gameplay. Its servers are generally solid, and allows you to browse servers. Class advancement isnt as frequent or easy as MW2. It also is a better clan game than MW2 due to cheats. If you like vehicles and teamplay this is a much better game for that.

    If Activision would pull their heads out of the sand and realize the age old formula, which still works for games like CSS, is the solution to all the hacking issues in MW2; only then can MW2 become as good as BC2.