Free-to-Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Now Live

Electronic Arts have launched the free-to-play, browser-based Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online. A sub-set of the game's content is available for free, with monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($59.99) subscriptions available to gain access to all of the courses. The yearly subscription includes 1500 points as a bonus.

Using these points, additional content (clubs, balls, attire, etc.) can be purchased on a micro-transaction level. More points can be purchased in bundles: 1000 ($10), 2500 ($20), 5500 ($40). Some items can be purchased for in-game money, earned by playing, while others require points. Items can also expire after a set number of rounds, requiring re-purchasing.

EA has also released the following "Tips & Tricks" trailer along with the launch:

BOOM video 4629

The game runs very smoothly and is an enjoyable experience. The free content will eventually run out, but there's enough there to try it out. The game also has achievements and milestones that offer experience and in-game currency. Singleplayer and multiplayer games are supported.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online requires the installation of the Unity Engine, which is used to render the game in a separate browser window, and is supported on both PC and Mac. I was even able to suspend a game on my PC and resume it on my Mac laptop.