Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailers Show Sam's Tricks

A trio of Splinter Cell: Conviction trailers focus on a few of the tricks Sam Fisher will have up the sleeve of his tactical turtleneck--or "tactleneck"--in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is headed to Xbox 360 on April 13 in North America, coming to Europe on April 15. The PC edition will arrive slightly later on April 27--a delay apparently unrelated to its use of Ubisoft's ever-troubled new DRM system.

The first trailer shows Sam getting acrobatic as he traverses levels.

BOOM video 4622

Next up is a look at some of Sam's brutal hand-to-hand stealth kills.

BOOM video 4623

Lastly, Mr Fisher uses the environment to his advantage, from precariously-dangling sculptures to handy urinals.

BOOM video 4624