Fourth Resident Evil Movie Gets First Trailer

By Chris Faylor, Apr 05, 2010 9:40am PDT The first trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife, the next film inspired by the game series, has popped up on YouTube, offering a glimpse of the three-dimensional Paul W.S. Anderson-helmed terror that awaits theatergoers on September 10.

The trailer accompanies the recent stills put out by game maker Capcom, which showcase film series protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich) plus Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller), Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) and "The Axeman."

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  • I don't know why you guys are getting all angry at this film. It's been shit since part 2 and this iteration looks to be on par with Avatar in what its trying to accomplish. If it has some semblance of a story with some nice graphics, this shouldn't be too bad of an afternoon... though I remember RE 1 and RE 2 costing me only about 5 bux. These things cost almost 12 bux now...

    If they don't constantly do that blur thing on Milla's face like they did in part 3, this should be an okay watch.

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    • why are people getting angry at this? Well, I would guess it's mostly because another quite successful video game Franchise was horribly disfigured in the process of milking the cashcow.

      I can't understand why they couldn't use the original ingame characters for each and every sequel/prequel and the same exact story. Instead they add a bionic woman/terminatrix kind of freak, super strong lasers, alot of gunfights and some slow motion - because it's cool right?

      This is supposed to be a suspense horror movie and not some mainstream action movie from which we have sooo much already. I remember playing through RE 2 with not more but a handful of bullets and in the movie they fire away more rounds than I did in my entire military service.

      It's trash, it has been trash since film 1 and it's highly likely it remains trash for as long as they decide to bring sequels to this abomination