More Duke Nukem Forever Footage Surfaces via Unofficial Fan-Made Video

By Chris Faylor, Apr 05, 2010 7:40am PDT Though the fate of Duke Nukem Forever is contingent upon legal matters that aren't expected to go to trial for at least another year, another fan-made compilation of leaked gameplay footage has been unearthed by the various denizens of the internet.

Initially uploaded to YouTube in December 2009, the unofficial montage went largely ignored until April Fools Day 2010--the day the legendary shooter was once scheduled to go gold--when some tried to pass the video off as a 3D Realms-sanctioned update. It's not. What you see below consists of various snippets of leaked gameplay footage, some of which you might have seen before and some of which you probably haven't. Thanks to everyone who tipped us off.

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  • The Gamer God Speaks:
    George just put out the game so people can finish it.

    hmmm.. You still Owe me money by the way.. you made a bet with me you would have the game done by now and havn't finished the game and missed the deadline yet again.

    We use to talk on a instant message program and I told you I could finish this game and you couldn't you made a deal and have broken it.

    If you have any balls put the game out and tell take two to go screw themselves start over or your legacy will be.. you are the biggest failure in gaming history..

    Your Choice really.. I hope you make the right one and redeem yourself before your time is up.