Atomic Games: Six Days in Fallujah Not Complete

By Brian Leahy, Apr 01, 2010 1:40pm PDT About one month ago, IGN reported that Atomic Games' controversial war game Six Days in Fallujah had been finished, though no official announcement was made.

Flash forward to this past weekend, when Atomic Games president Peter Tamte told Joystiq that while "all the levels" are complete, Six Days requires "additional AI and graphics" improvements. He would also like to incorporate some technology improvements developed for Breach, Atomic's multiplayer-only, downloadable shooter.

The interview also goes into detail on the circumstances, from Tamte's point-of-view, about why Konami dropped the game three weeks after announcing it to the press. "It was Konami Japan that ordered Konami US to pull out," Tamte explains. "Confusion about the game in Japan was the biggest issue... I think that there's a cultural difference between understanding what happened in Fallujah in the US versus Japan."

There's still no word to as when Six Days may arrive, but Breach will be coming to PC and Xbox Live Arcade this summer. I've already had some hands-on time with the game and was impressed despite desiring a higher level of polish.

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  • That comment is the queerest attempt at papering over a fiasco: "a cultural difference between understanding what happened in Fallujah in the US versus Japan."

    What the fuck is that? There are cultural differences, and there are differences in understanding what happened; there is no such thing as a cultural difference in understanding an event.

    Sounds like an oblique way of saying, "We Americans deceive ourselves/don't care about what really happened in Fallujah, while the rest of the world knows that it was a revenge-fueled massacre to punish the Iraqis for killing four American mercenaries."

    So the "cultural difference" is that people are morally blind about anything their side does wrong (regardless of who is who), while other people aren't.