Lost Planet 2 Gameplay Trailers Show 4-Player Co-op

Capcom has recently unleashed a quartet of Lost Planet 2 trailers, showing several groups of various Europeans enjoying four-player co-op on two different levels.

Lost Planet 2 is slated for an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch on May 11, with a PC version to follow in the fall. A new demo will hit 360 on April 21 then PS3 on April 22.

First up is a group of excitable young British lads getting their teeth into a desert level, starting with chunky boss beatdown before leading into urban action.

BOOM video 4566

After that we have three playthroughs of the same area from British, French and German perspectives. Once again, those plucky Brits go first.

BOOM video 4531

After that, how about our French comrades?

BOOM video 4536

And last but by no means least, those wonderful-sounding Germans.

BOOM video 4534