GameStop Gets 75% of New Sales Revenue from Five Companies

By Brian Leahy, Mar 31, 2010 3:00pm PDT In its annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, spotted by GameSpot, GameStop's sales figures reveal that the video game retail chain gets 75% of its revenue on new hardware and software sales from five companies. GameStop purchases products from around 75 companies.

Nintendo accounts for the most new sales at 23%. Following Nintendo are Sony (17%), Microsoft (12%), Electronic Arts (12%) and Activision (11%).

The next five companies on the list account for another 10%, leaving the remaining 65 companies fighting over the last 15%. If anything were to happen to any of the top 5, GameStop (and likely all game retailers) would take a large hit.

GameStop also has a lucrative used hardware and software business.

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  • Reminds me of minute 45 of Idle Thumbs 18:

    Jake: It's so hard for good smaller games to get space, like GameStop will say "I'm sorry, we're not going to order any of these, because we accidentally or deliberately ordered a shelf and a half of Imagine: Party Babyz."

    Nick: If Freespace 3 came out tomorrow, there would be no shelf space for it, because it would be full of Imagine: Party Babyz.

    We already know that GameStop drives their inventory management system on preorders, and probably on other metrics that skew in favor of Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, EA, Activision, and Ubisoft. They cater to people chasing whatever game is mass-spamvertised, or on casual / novice consumers who walk into a store and ask "Do you have a (leisure activity) game?".

    And of course they buy low and sell high on used games, and making a killing off of unsuspecting consumers who think they're saving money by not buying new. We already had that guy who sued GameStop because his used copy of DragonAge can't use the DLC unless he shells out $15 on XBox Live ( ).

    Shopping for games is sad these days, especially for PC gamers, since not all GameStop stores carry a decent selection of PC games, let alone any PC games at all. I think that's a local or regional manager's decision, and most of the GameStop managers around my area apparently hate PC games. For a retail game box, it's pretty much GoGamer, Best Buy, or GameStop.

  • I used to buy PC games at Gamestop (even with their pre-order only nonsense) because I liked the concept of a local game store. But after hearing about their practices, and seeing that many Gamestops don't carry PC games at all any more, I won't buy there at all any more. (Console or PC.)

    My gaming dollars are mostly going online nowadays. Not because of sales tax or price wars, but because some online sites/services (Gogamer, Steam, Amazon, etc.) actually seem to want my money. I still think that a B&M game store with a better attitude could do some good business.