Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer Calls in Johnny Cash

by Alice O'Connor, Mar 30, 2010 9:40am PDT

With Sam Fisher facing hard times in Splinter Cell: Conviction, developer Ubisoft Montreal has turned to The Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash, to imbue the stealth shooter's launch trailer with an appropriate sense of grim determination.

Having already gone gold, Splinter Cell: Conviction will be released for Xbox 360 on April 13 in North America then April 15 in Europe, with the PC edition due to follow around April 27--and packing Ubisoft's troubled and ever-controversial new DRM scheme.


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  • How do we really know that they had a DOS attack? Honestly it just looks like they implemented a terrible system that doesn't work and then used a DOS attack as an excuse to not look worse than they already do. Just because a company says something happened doesn't mean that it actually happened. I love ubisoft games, I was buying them all on steam until this started. Since they are releasing a game like this that actually has multiplayer, the drm is a bit more understandable but still complete overkill. Releasing single player only games or having a constant internet connection on any single player component is lunacy. It would make so much more sense if the single player component of splinter cell didn't have the drm, but multiplayer did. It sucks that EA has started adding constant internet connection drm to their newer games as well. I buy a lot of games, I also go to a lot of LAN parties with very limited internet connections. I go out of my way to convince people to buy their games on steam instead of torrenting/cracking them, this isn't helping me defend these companies. Seriously guys, you're hurting a paying customer that convinces other people to be paying customers, cut the shit.