Battlefield 1943 Sells One Million on Xbox Live Arcade

Electronic Arts sends word that Battlefield 1943, DICE's downloadable multiplayer-only re-imagining of Battlefield 1942, has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to move 1 million units since its release in July 2009.

nope The game, which costs 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), served as a bite-sized preview to future Battlefield games and allowed gamers to check out the new version of developer DICE's game engine, Frostbite, before Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released.

It would appear that this strategy is effective. The above sales figures don't include sales on the PlayStation 3 through the PlayStation Store, and the oft-promised PC version has still yet to launch. Recent reports have suggested that Electronic Arts is considering similar paid downloads to build up buzz for upcoming retail releases.

Other companies are alsop exploring this strategy. Atomic Games president Peter Tamte told me his new title, Breach, will be marketed with this strategy: a $15 downloadable game that offers a bite-sized experience instead of a full-on retail game at $60.