Man Sues GameStop Over Used Game DLC

In January, a man named James Collins walked into a GameStop and purchased a used copy of Dragon Age: Origins for $54.99, saving $5 when compared to a new, unused copy of the Electronic Arts game, according to IGN.

nope Unfortunately, James hadn't heard of EA's new initiative to bundle new games with free downloadable content in an effort to add value to purchasing games new. According to James, the sticker on the box promised a new character and quest content, but found that he had to pay an extra $15 to get that content in-game because he had a used copy.

In response, James is doing what any red-blooded American would do: he's suing!

"GameStop, who makes more than 20% of its revenue and nearly $2 billion from the sale of used video games, is aware of this issue, and continues to fail to alert customers that this content is not available on used games," the suit states. "As a result, GameStop tricks consumers into paying more for a used game than they would if they purchased the same game and content new."

I'm not so sure GameStop is actively "tricking" customers, so much as not informing them of this particular practice. GameStop makes more money off of a used game and it behooves them to sell these over new copies whenever possible. Sure, the sticker promising free DLC should have been removed, but I'm not so sure this suit will be successful.

When James tried to return the game, he could not, as it was outside of the 7 day window for refund. I suppose he could always trade it in.