Square-Enix's Nomura Confirms Kingdom Hearts 3

According to IGN, Square-Enix fansite FF Reunion has details on not one, but three new Kingdom Hearts titles. Series director and character designer Testuya Nomura, who is currently working on Final Fantasy XIII Versus, confirmed the existence of Kingdom Hearts III.

The popular franchise, which began on the PlayStation 2, puts Disney characters and settings in an action-RPG featuring original characters and story from Square-Enix. nope

Development on Kingdom Hearts III, however, will depend on when Nomura finishes on XIII Versus. Two other KH games are in development, with one set to be released in 2010 in Japan.

The big question is if Kingdom Hearts III or the other two projects will hit the Xbox 360 in or outside of Japan. Final Fantasy XIII is the first of its franchise on a Microsoft console.

The latest game in the series, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP), will be released in the US this summer.