Street Fighter 4 Costume DLC on Sale, Compatible with Super Street Fighter 4

The extra costume packs available for Street Fighter IV as DLC will be 50% off from now until March 31 on the PlayStation Store. The full costume pack, which includes an alternate outfit for all of the characters is only $6.25.

Street Fighter IV

Furthermore, any costumes you get now will carry over to Super Street Fighter IV. These additional costumes will not be included in Super Street Fighter IV. If you want them, you might as well download them now while they are 50% off. Owners of the original game will get a bonus if and when they purchase Super (disc required), but Capcom hasn't revealed what that is at this time. Capcom tells Shacknews that there are currently no plans for an Xbox Live sale. Super Street Fighter IV will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on April 27 in the US.