Madden NFL 11 Brings Pass Reception Changes

There comes a time in the lead up to Madden NFL's yearly release when the development team at Electronic Arts Tiburon begins to detail the changes that will go into this year's new NFL game. Ladies and gentlemen, that time is now.

nope Up first, "catch tuning" which aims to solve the following challenge, described by Ian Cummings on the Madden blog:

As developers, catching has always been one of the hardest and most frustrating areas of our game to tune because of the sheer amount of possibilities. When you start to try to account for all the different angles a pass could be coming in to a receiver along with the difference in his body position, it is always a difficult problem to solve.

The largest change coming to Madden NFL 11 in an attempt to solve this issue is to allow receivers to catch certain passes in stride without having to turn or jump. This should help add a lot of realism to the game as well as make Randy Moss even more unbalanced.

Secondly, Tiburon is cutting back on the frequency of "aggressive" catches, which would sometimes have receivers move backwards or put themselves in a bad position just to make the catch.

Finally, improvements have been made to sideline and back-of-the-endzone catches, triggering special animations much more frequently instead of having receivers catch the ball out-of-bounds.

For much more on the changes come to Madden NFL 11's passing game, head on over to the Madden blog and read to your heart's content.