Blur Beta Level Cap Increase Brings New Cars, Mods

Activision and Bizarre Creations are raising the level cap from 10 to 15 in the Xbox 360 multiplayer beta (100 more keys available here) for the action-racing game, Blur.


Over these 5 extra levels, players will unlock two new cars, two new mods (used to power up and personalize cars), and a new set of in-game challenges to complete.

Additional Cars:
  • Corvette ZR1 (Class B)
  • Koenigsegg CCX-R (Class A)
Additional Mods:
  • Iron Fist (Increases damage of a Power-up hit)
  • Last Gasp (Player fires a Barge when Wrecked)
Additional Challenges:
  • Demolition Challenge Pack (16 new challenges)
The folks at Bizarre have also made some improvements to the game, which are detailed below:
  • Bandwidth - Optimisations which reduce the amount of traffic being sent around the network, thus reducing any lag problems.
  • Stability - Fixes for rare 'Dirty Disc' errors and rare game crashes.
  • Connectivity - Prevent players trying to get into lobbies when they won't be able to see everybody, improving matchmaking times.
  • Disconnects - We now show more informative messages when players are disconnected from game sessions.
  • Host Migration - Fixed occasional random disconnects when migrating to a new host.
  • Split Lobbies - Reduced the frequency of 'split lobbies' which were occurring occasionally.
Blur is scheduled for release on May 25, 2010 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.