Morning Discussion: Ada Lovelace Day

Today is the informal event of Ada Lovelace Day, when the world celebrates the achievements of women in tech. It's also a day after the announcement of GameCrush but this is a time for celebration so let's do our level best to forget that ever happened.

I don't particularly have a female tech hero but I've always been a fan of Aleks Krotoski. UK Shackers might recognise her from Bits, a late-nineties video games TV show hosted by three women which was quite clearly aimed at teenage boys. Bits was slightly cringe-inducing but it was exciting for me as Aleks and some of the other presenters clearly knew their stuff--Emily Newton Dunn went on to produce the Burnout series for a while, by the way. There hadn't been a strong female gaming figure on British television since the wonderful Violet Berlin in Bad Influence! four years earlier and it was great to have some again, no matter how awkward the wrapping was.

Aleks later came to write, blog and podcast about games and technology for The Guardian--a most respectable position--and earned a PhD with her thesis Social Influence in Second Life: Social Network and Social Psychological Processes in the Diffusion of Belief and Behaviour on the Web, speaking at tons of conferences and advocating more women in tech and the media along the way.

Her most recent foray into television involved interviewing technology luminaries including Tim Berners-Lee for the BBC documentary series The Virtual Revolution. That's an impressive progression and fine inspiration to us all. Cheers, Aleks.

And hooray for Ada Lovelace, arguably the world's first computer programmer.

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