Evening Reading: I Don't Care About 3D

By Brian Leahy, Mar 23, 2010 5:00pm PDT So, Nintendo revealed the 3DS early this morning in Japan and I could not be less excited. Not only do I care absolutely zero about 3D-gaming (about as much as I care about 3D-movies), I can't imagine it working on a handheld.

Maybe Nintendo has a big surprise up its sleeve, but I think we could be looking at the next Virtual Boy here. Either way, we'll know more at E3.

You know what I am excited about? LOST!

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Game of the Evening - First-Person Shooters:

Tribes: "Mastered combat in 3 dimensions more than a decade before today's games could master combat in 2." (MercFox1)

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  • Just Cause 2 Menz

    All ya'll may already know this.

    So, you can pretty much fly forever with a handy combination of the grapple while in the chute.

    From pretty much anywhere, say, by shooting the grapple in front of you and slinging forward, you pop the chute, push "S" to draw your legs up and gain a little lift, and right afterwards, shooot the grapple at the ground again, followed by pulling legs back again. Repeat and you can maintain altitude at just about the length of the grapple, and if you aim it right, that height plus the height of the local trees, of you can hit them regularly. I actually scaled the mountain up to the casino and then scaled the casino itself.

    Vehicles aren't exactly hard to come by, but if you don't want to backtrack to get a helicopter/plane, it sure beats driving a car. Seems faster and you're not limited by landscape.

    This game is frigging awesome.