Left 4 Dead 2 DLC Bringing Multiple New Game Modes

by Brian Leahy, Mar 23, 2010 2:00pm PDT

The first downloadable add-on for for Valve's zombie-killing sequel Left 4 Dead 2 will bring several additions, detailed on the Left 4 Dead blog alongside today's sales.

Regarding The Passing DLC, here's what the company had to say:

  • A Wicked Witch Bride!

  • A Gargantuan M60!

  • A Slashing Golf Club!

  • And Introducing The Fallen Survivor!

  • Meet 3 Left 4 Dead 1 Survivors!

  • New Game Modes!

Was that a typo? Game Modes? Didn't we mean Game MODE? Did we mean to include that 'S'?!?!?"YES WE DID!

Revealed back in December 2009, The Passing will see survivors from the first Left 4 Dead meeting up with the group from L4D2. About a month after The Passing is released for Left 4 Dead 2, the original L4D will get new content detailing the journey taken by Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis to meet up with the cast of L4D2.


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