Mount & Blade: Warband Trailer Shows Singleplayer

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 23, 2010 11:10am PDT A new Mount & Blade: Warband trailer showcases singleplayer in the medieval warfare RPG, from facial hair customisation and formal dances to death and decapitation.

Originally intended to be an expansion pack for Mount & Blade, Warband is now officially its sequel and will be released for PC on March 30 in North America. Pre-ordering grants instant access to the ongoing multiplayer and singleplayer beta tests.

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  • its like gaming crack tbh. big thumbs up from a man who finds negativity in everything. but yeah, the mods are awesome and add about 2/3 years worth of game time to it if nothing else. getting a character to a high enough level to seige towns and castles is good fun, but taking over the entire map afterwards with a horde of screaming loons is even better. then once you have warband you get to listen to the satisfying noise of your axe splitting someones face and the silence of the rage quit once you have done that :D.

    cant wait for the MP, one thing though, how much will it cost, i have'nt looked that hard but still cant find any definitive pricing anywhere.