Evening Reading: Ripping Heads Off of Things

By my estimation, I'm about 80% through God of War 3. I'm trucking through it in preparation for this week's podcast, Weekend Confirmed, which kicks off on Friday.

The boss battles are amazing and some of the scenes are downright brutal. It has became clear to me why Dante's Inferno had to be released before God of War 3 to even have a chance. Not that I didn't already expect this to be the case.

Gaming News o'the Day

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Game of the Evening - First-Person Shooters:

Unreal Tournament: "I actually got this when I was still on dial-up, so bot matches were pretty standard, and yet thoroughly entertaining. I loved it though, and with the addition of a cable Internet connection, I was able to download custom content that kept me entertained for longer than many retail games, including ridiculous stuff like Strangelove and Rocket-X. Entire communities grew up around creating custom maps and mods for this game, although these are unfortunately dying off as Unreal Tournament 3 has not been the refresher to the franchise that many people had hoped for." (lunarbunny)

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