Web-Based Lord of Ultima Goes into Open Beta

Electronic Arts' web-based, city-building version of Ultima has gone into open beta, Lord of Ultima, has gone into open beta. Players can register for access now.

The game is reminiscent of Zynga's Farmville as players build and improve cities, which generate resources over time. Resource gains are determined over hours, not minutes as the pace of the game is one that allows brief interaction throughout the day.

I had taken some screenshots from the open beta to show you all, but apparently the beta agreement prohibits publishing screenshots from a completely open-to-the-public, anyone-can-play beta. Instead, here are screenshots of a completely different game, currently in closed beta, with absolutely no NDA.

nope Players that wish to purchase ministers or economic artifacts, which can grant many bonuses in the game, can do so using real money. The ministers will last for a period of 7 or 30 days granting bonuses throughout. Artifacts offer immediate bonuses.

"Freemium" games, as they are called, rely on micro-transactions for revenue and are currently enjoying a lot of success on platforms like Facebook and the iPhone.

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