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By Alice O'Connor, Mar 19, 2010 5:00am PDT Here is a selection of stuff I done saw and did liked:

Digital: A Love Story is a brilliant "computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988." Centred around BBSs, Digital features love, hacking, phreaking, mystery and a whole lot of splendidness. I'm pushed for time so I can't write more but Amiga Power's Kieron Gillen wrote some nice words over on Rock Paper Shotgun. We have the Windows, Mac and Linux versions mirrored on FileShack.

This child says he is fat and nobody likes him but I do. He is a liar, which I don't like.

I forgot to mention earlier this week that a video replay of Team Liquid's first StarCraft 2 'Liquibition' exhibition match is now online. It is.

Lovely podcast Shift Run Stop continues to close its pincers around Armando Iannucci by infiltrating his circle of colleagues.

I ran out of time. Here's your Morning Discussion. Be happy--it's Friday.

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  • So I finally bought BFBC2 and have played it four about four hours now. Thoughts in reply;

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    • Hey you guys were right about BFBC2, I'm having a lot of fun with it, for the four or so hours I've played at least.

      It's a really good game despite some small issues I have with it, and it runs fantastically on my 48901Gb with everything maxxed out, HBAO on, x8AA/x16AF and transparency AA on (so the leaves and bushes don't look like ass). Also switching to War Tapes really improved the sound, which was muffled as hell on all other settings (haven't tried with my headphones yet).

      I'm doing pretty well, alternating between classes after each new unlock for now. Found the most success in the Engineer so far though, the default smg you have as that class is really accurate.

      I'll be perfectly honest I still do prefer BF2/2142 by a long way, but I've always loved the large-scale battles those games present. There are some awesome features in BFBC2 though that I hope to see implemented in BF3 whenever it shows up (like destructable environments for one). Like that though, I think there were some things in Bf2/2142 that could/should have made their way into the Bad Company series.

      I'm not sure what to think of the BCBF2 unlock system. I understand the logic in becoming a higher rank and gaining access to newer and potentially better weapons, equipment and perks. BF2142 had a really good system of unlocks though, where each of the four classes basically had two paths they could take to unlock new weapons. Each of those two paths included a few equipment unlocks before you unlocked the weapon for that path.

      Example, you went assault class and could take the left path, which would give you first the Herzog AR Shotgun attachment, then a HUD upgrade that would have an effect on you ability to spot enemies and give their position to squad mates, then the Ap-Rockets attachment, then the Baur Heavy Assault Rifle. The right tree would give you the rescuscitator, then the medikit healing rate upgrade, then smoke grenades, then the Voss Light Assault Rifle. The expansion added additional unlocks to each class.

      You could gain all the unlocks for every class in each path with enough time and patience, if you stuck with the one created soldier. What was interesting and awesome was that the unlockable weapons were not necessarily 'better' in any way. They just had different strengths and weaknesses. The Baur H-AR for assault had a lower clip capacity and higher recoil, but was immensely powerful and could even function as a basic sniper if you were good enough with it. The Voss L-AR for assault was the opposite, high clip capacity, rapid fire and low recoil, but it was less powerful and better suited to close quarters.

      Now there was unlocks that gave you an obvious advantage, like extra grenades, extra ammo, sentry drones, shock absorption boots, squad leader beacon upgrades, but the weapon unlocks themselves only offered different ways to play and not a decided upper hand, which I feel is a much better way of handling unlocks.

      One major gripe so far is the lack of a radio button like the last tradition BF game had. Hold down a key and you were presented with a clock of options that you just needed to highlight with the mouse briefly, and it would issue a corresponding radio command to all nearby teammates. I could hold down this key, mouse over the 'medic' or 'supplies' or 'need a ride' option and it would broadcast to all nearby team members, and display on the map an appropriate icon (like an ammo symbol to represent a nearby support-class player with an ammo crate). I think it was a mistake not to include something like this again.

      I've also noticed that it's really easy to sneak around people and basically recapture a control point that your squad captured literally 20 seconds earlier....which makes for some tedious flow in certain games. This happened in previous BF games as well, but despite the smaller maps BFBC2 offers it actually seems easier to do it, possibly because of the small number of players. I played varying map sizes in BF2142, but mainly played on the city maps which were the smaller variety. Even then I still only played on servers with at least 48 players, preferably 64.

      I will always prefer the larger scale that traditional BF series offers and I am glad tht BF3 is in the pipeline in whatever form because I believe it will be a return to that type of gameplay, and we will see Bad Company as a continuing and seperate series. I feel both have their merits and it's down to personal preference which one will suit you better. I still think BF2142/BF2 are more fun games to play but I've been playing them since day of release (5 years maybe?) and I need a change. BFBC2 is a damn solid game and will keep me occupied for online shooters until BF3 arrives.

      I look forward to joining you guys on the shack servers.