PlayStation Move Commercial Slams Competitors ...FROM THE FUTURE

Fresh off the official unveiling of the PlayStation 3's motion-sensing PlayStation Move controller, Sony has issued forth one of those humorous commercials that star fictional spokesperson Kevin Butler. This time around, he's "VP of Realistic Movements."

Along with extolling the virtues of the PlayStation Move, Butler takes several pot-shots at the motion-sensing competition, including a not-so-subtle jab at Wii Sports ("because real boxers don't hit like this") and the Xbox 360's Project Natal add-on ("[buttons] turn out to be pretty important to...anything that doesn't involve catching a big red ball"). BOOM video 4432

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. What other subtle disses and ironies can you find? Feel free to take your time. After all, the PlayStation Move, much like Project Natal, won't hit until the fall. Pricing has yet to be determined, though Sony's aiming to release a starter kit (packing the Move, the PlayStation Eye camera and a game) for under $100.