Jamie Foxx Starring in Kane & Lynch Movie

By Alice O'Connor, Mar 18, 2010 7:30am PDT

'Collateral' and 'The Soloist' star Jamie Foxx will play the violent James Lynch alongside Bruce Willis in the video game adaptation of IO Interactive's 2007 shooter Kane & Lynch, according to the movie's screenwriter Kyle Ward on Twitter.

"Done deal... Jamie Foxx is in," Ward wrote before clarifying the actor will be in Kane & Lynch, not the Uncharted adaptation or Hitman movie sequel he is also writing.

"It's not going to have every sequence from the game," producer Adrian Askarieh previously explained "but it's essentially the story of a mercenary teaming up with a schizophrenic psychopath to save his wife and daughter." Bruce Willis--playing family man Kane--has "called it one of the best action scripts he's ever read," Askarieh says.

The video game's sequel Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days was recently dated for August 24, 2010. Our eternal thanks to Shacker and Kyle Ward fan Nicholas Bredon for the tip.

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  • you can see why he got picked, they look like twins!

    .. anyway I to be honest haven't seen any Jamie Foxx's movies though can't be famous for no reason :P (then again paris hilton is famous :S) kinda interesting that it's starting to looks like big famous hollywood cast 'finally' for a movie based on a video game (though is also with prince of persia) specially interesting that it's for a game that didn't looks like did any crazy good in reviews

    I didn't play the game much, I liked it to be honest that I played (don't remember why i stopped playing it, probably another game coming:P) - should be interesting to see how this and prince does.