Shack PSA: Original EverQuest $2.50 on Steam

By Chris Faylor, Mar 17, 2010 8:48am PDT Believe it or not, the original EverQuest is still up and running some eleven years after its original release. And to celebrate that anniversary, digital distributor Steam has bundled up the aging PC MMO, fifteen of its expansions, and two exclusive items for just $2.50--a discount of nearly 88% (over the usual $19.99) that will run until March 26.
Of course, players will still need to pony up the monthly $14.99 subscription fee after their first thirty days, and the bundle doesn't include the all-inclusive sixteenth expansion (Underfoot) that hit in December 2009 and sells for $39.99, but at the very least you'll be able to see a bit more than the ten levels of the "Escape to Norath" server in the free trial. Plus, you get those exclusive "Rusty Steam Valve" and "Shroud of Steam" items.

More importantly, this post provides a chance to comment on the fact that EverQuest is still running some eleven years later with a monthly fee equivalent to World of Warcraft and expansions priced at $39.99--something that just boggles my mind.

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  • I played for a while, but never got past the point where I couldn't loot an enemy player in PvP if my Necro pet got the killing blow.

    My twin brother was one of the first guys to get banned, right at the beginning of the game. He stumbled on a dupe bug involving zoning and trading. OK, he didn't stumble. He realized it would probably work, and did. He and his buddy talked about it and reported it, fearing it would wreck the game at launch (EQ was a Big Deal at the time and it was a moment of magical altruism on his part). Next thing you know, his "buddy", Stonemann, has all kinds of special Phat Loot and my brother's banned.

    Turned out that Stonemann cut his own deal and never put in the report that my bro was the guy that discovered the bug and wanted to turn it in Now my bro was the crook that Stonemann was reporting to the "feds" as a concerned citizen. Oh, how seriously we all took those games...

    He actually talked to McQuaid on the phone, and Brad was a little unhinged about the whole thing. "You are the enemy!" kind of conversation.

    Anyway, it was good for Lols. I kept playing, my brother went back to UO, true story.