Cold War Espionage Strategy 'Us And Them' Released

Indie developer Icehole Games sends word that its Cold War turn-based strategy of espionage, sabotage and assassination 'Us And Them - Cold War' has been released, offering a 322MB six-hour timed demo now available over on FileShack.

The strategy is suitably sneaky, based around networks of spies, assassins and experts working to undermine the opposing Bloc technologically, socially, politically and economically whilst building up your own side to convert countries to your philosophy.


Real-life historic events such as the space race and build-up to mutual assured destruction naturally play a part and players can "take advantage of great personalities like Che Guevara, Henry Kissinger, Mao Ze Dong, the Pope and others."

Us And Them - Cold War can be bought direct from Icehole for €14.95 (roughly $20 US). The timed demo will unlock into the full version, letting you continue your game.