Evening Reading: Completely New Nostalgia?

I've written about this before, but it amazes me every time I play a sequel like StarCraft II at the amount of nostalgia I feel while simultaneously feeling like everything is brand-new. The folks at Blizzard are masters of this. SCII makes me feel like it's 10 years ago and I'm playing the original game on dial-up, but it's a completely new experience at the same time.

I've also switched to Terran from Protoss in the beta. I got tired of getting rolled by Marine and Marauder rushes and Stalkers being underpowered. I miss my Dragoons.

Also, be sure to check out Garnett's God of War 3 review. Big day for the PSP today... and some other video games.

If gaming isn't your speed:

Game of the Evening - Modifications:

Team Fortress (Quake): "Truly groundbreaking and I'm still riding the wave from that game. We now have voice chat, squads and all these tools to help us work as a team in class based games. But man, when you were on a large server making runs for the flag there was an implicit understanding on what to do. No time to chat, so each member had to just know what to do at each moment. When it worked, it was a glorious moment. There were hundreds, maybe thousands of these moments from that game; from across the nation on dialup modems no less." (spazzium)

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