Dragon Age ...Something Coming February 1

By Chris Faylor, Mar 11, 2010 2:40pm PST Tucked away within retail copies of the Dragon Age: Origins expansion Awakening is an indication that ....something is coming on February 1, 2011, 1UP reveals.

Exactly what that something is remains unclear--it could be anything from another expansion to a full-fledged sequel to a new book--though it's likely to be that mysterious "Dragon Age Title TBA" publisher Electronic Arts recently said would hit PC, console and handheld in that timeframe.

Developer BioWare previously stated that Dragon Age: Origins--released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2009--could have up to two year's worth of downloadble add-ons. As for Awakening, the RPG's first true expansion pack, it hits PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 16, priced at $39.99 and requiring a copy of the original.

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  • Look after 9 years - I've finally become a Game Designer. So Watch out!
    I am the Game Killer! The Pope of Video Games! and yes I know Georgy from 3drealms is on here. I'd talk to the guy on a instant message program all the time and even some of his crew before they left. They never really cared about Duke 3D.. hell if the guy is able to talk to me on instant messager all the time. Yeah he sure is working hard! So yeah if your wanting a inside story on the whole 3drealms disaster I knew 4 years ago the project was pretty much dead.

    anyways sorry to get off topic.

    i've played everything and I am tired of Bioware ruining gaming in general. Why don't you guys get off your ass and make a game that will challenge me. (for all you fanboys out there) i've pretty much have played Dragon Age Origins over and over.. so yeah. Trust me I could make something that can blow your mind.. Something Different and Dragon Age Origins is nothing new! For example why don't you make a game where I can play as something different you know maybe a Dragon!.. (Not Spyro) PLus "Dragon Age Origins" sounds like a Dragon Video Game you morons!

    Seriously does anyone remember "Dragon Spirit" I frankly don't know why no one has brought that back from the dead but everything else.. Seriously RPG gamers stop trying to be Oblivion - Please stop it!

    Course yes let me go name a video game of mine called "Human Age Origins" and have it nothing to do with playing as a Human character. Then make it where your mostly just run around cities as a creature destroying everything like in the game "Rampage" yes that would make alot of sense. -shakes his head-

    I hold nothing back and the Game God Speaks finally! -also forgive me of my english-

    Concerning Comments I don't care what you think.. unless you have played all the video games i've played (which is highly unlikely) and are not a game designer.. I won't listen to you!

    I hope someone listens to my Insanity cause I am like - J.R.R. Tolkien and Walt Disney and I can't take the madness anymore!

    I hope you agree with me or not anyways - Keep Dreaming for More Rare Original Games.