PS3 Motion Controller Dubbed PlayStation Move; Starter Kit Under $100, Games Detailed

BOOM widget 95270 Sony's upcoming wand-shaped PlayStation 3 motion controller, previously know as the "PlayStation Motion Controller," is now officially titled the "PlayStation Move."

The announcement came during Sony's Game Developers Conference event today, with the company also demonstrating various games.

The PlayStation Move will be available in various forms, including a "starter kit" that includes the device, the required PlayStation Eye camera, and a game. Exact pricing wasn't disclosed, though Sony hopes the "starter kit" will be under $100.

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The PlayStation Move and its Sub-Controller

The device will also be available separately and bundled with the PlayStation 3 console itself. As previously reported, the PlayStation Move works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye camera peripheral to deliver 1:1 motion-tracking.

Also revealed was a wireless "PlayStation Move Sub-Controller." Similar to the Wii's Nunchuk, it features an analog stick to enable Move support in more traditional games. For example, SOCOM 4 will be fully playable with the PlayStation Move and its Sub-Controller, allowing gamers to move via Sub-Controller and aim with the Move.

Among the demonstrated titles was a mini-game compilation called "Sports Champion," which includes a gladiator game where players dual-wield two PlayStation Moves--one representing their shield, the other their swords--and table-tennis.

Another game, "Move Party," combined the PlayStation Eye's video feed with the PlayStation Move to actually players and their surrounding environment into the game. For example, a mini-game in which players must smash the virtual bugs in their real-life playing area. Other "Move Party" mini-games shown during the event included shape-tracing, hair cutting, and one where players bounce falling baby chicks into a nest.

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Sports Champions and Move Party!

A Move-enhanced version of LittleBigPlanet was shown, with one player using the Move to manipulate environmental objects--removing obstacles, placing and moving objects to assist jumps--while the other controlled LBP's Sackboy with a regular controller.

Another on-stage demonstration showed a fighting game, "Motion Fighters," in which players dual-wield two Moves to punch, put opponents in headlocks, and so forth.

Various publishers, including Capcom (Resident Evil 5) and Electronic Arts (Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11), have already vowed to support the device when it arrives this fall--the same timeframe Microsoft's motion-sensitive Xbox 360 add-on Project Natal is due.