Evening Reading: GDC Day One

By Brian Leahy, Mar 09, 2010 5:00pm PST I've arrived in San Francisco and am on the scene for GDC. I only had one session today, which ended up being a little bit of a bust. This can happen at the Game Developers Conference for members of the press as the show is, primarily, for developers looking to learn.

Garnett took all the cool appointments. Well, I get to see Civilization V later in the week so I'm pretty excited about that. The show will hit its stride tomorrow as we run from session to keynote to demo.

Wish I was playing some BF:BC2...

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  • My Melbourne holiday has unfortunately come to a close now that I am sitting at gate 4 waiting to board my plane.

    I just wanted to thanks such a great city for hosting my two week long venture with such gusto.

    I will miss your fantastic public transport system, your millions of awesome little bars and restaurants, allllll those foxy women flaunting their stuff in the city and even your wacky apocalypse weather.

    I will NOT however miss your lack of pint glasses at pubs and insane beer prices. Your prices meant I stayed sober for far too long =(

    See you again soon, Melbourne. You have captured my heart and I will be back to visit it soon.