Roller Derby and Metalocalypse Games Still Coming

BOOM widget 363097 Though Wisconsin-based developer Frozen Codebase is currently focusing on getting Kick-Ass out the door, the company hasn't forgotten about its other two projects.

Speaking with Shacknews, president Ben Geisler noted that the studio's roller derby game--endorsed by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association and originally intended to be a "full triple-A product"--has gone back to the drawing board since its May 2008 announcement and become a downloadable title.

Currently dubbed "Rollergirls," the battle-racer will enter full-scale development after Kick-Ass is completed. Specific platforms have yet to be confirmed--PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii are under consideration--with the team hoping to get it out this year.

"[Rollergirls] is a little less realistic now than it was before: more like what gamers want to play, but with real derby girls and dynamics," said Geisler, expressing hopes of it being "a strong combat racer, like Mario Kart-style, but also appealing to derby purists."

As for the impetus behind the switch from retail to download, Geisler explained that the company began looking for funding "when the market crashed...around Austin GDC of 2008, probably the worst possible time to look for funding for a triple-A game."

Eventually, the company ended up securing funding to complete Rollergirls as a downloadable title, with this piece of Shack-exclusive artwork offering a taste.

But what of Metalocalypse: Dethgame, which missed its fall release with little fanfare? "We're finishing our Metalocaypse game," Geisler told us. "We did get an extension on it and it's in development, which means that it's been delayed. Other than that, I've been instructed to keep my trap shut. Ultimately, it's still a very brutal game, totally metal."